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DW Drums Factory Tour Kicks off NAMM Show 2017

Hello from the West Coast!

We are out here in California for the 2017 NAMM Show, and we were lucky enough to be invited to visit Drum Workshop (DW Drums) in Oxnard, California! A small group of stores from around the country got to spend the day at the factory and get the first glimpse at new product for 2017 before the NAMM Show! It was an amazing experience for us.

A Day at DW Drums

We started the day with a factory tour from the legendary John Good. He walked us through every step of the process, how a DW drum goes from a tree in the forest to the best drum on the market. 45 years into it, and John’s passion and love for the product is stronger than ever. Hearing him talk about the path he has taken to grow the company is something we will never forget.

DW Drums

John Good, Vice President of DW Drums, giving shop owners a tour of DW facilities before NAMM Show 2017.

DW Drums

Purple Heart wood in the DW Drums factory next to our Purple Heart snare at Sims Music. Go in today and check it out.

After the tour (and a delicious burger from In and Out), we got to spend time in the “John Good Gallery.” In this room, they display their new product for the year. From creative PDP kits to the 45th Anniversary DW Collector’s Series kit (we can’t show you pictures until Thursday!), DW has some amazing products coming out this year. Just about all of the new gear will be at Sims in the coming months.

DW 45th Anniversary Kit

DW 45th Anniversary Kit making its debut at NAMM Show 2017

Gretsch and LP

After the gallery, we got to see the new product from Gretsch and LP (which are now under the DW name) and spend some time with the man behind it all, Akbar Moghaddam. Akbar has been a very important person in the Latin percussion world for many decades. His influence and creativity has changed the way we know certain products to be made. When we finished looking at the new percussion gear, he pulled us aside and showed us his prototypes for product to come out in the years ahead. We promised we wouldn’t take pictures or talk about it, but trust us; LP has some incredible things in store.

DW Drums

Akbar Moghaddam, the man behind innovation at LP, and Justin Sims.

Finally, we enjoyed a great meal and some fantastic live music from some of California’s finest (on DW Drums of course). Today was a very special day that we will never forget, and we cannot be more excited about the incredible product we will be bringing into Sims. We will be able to release photos of the new gear starting Thursday, so keep an eye on our social media and website for your glance into the 2017 NAMM Show!

If you see something throughout the week from DW at the NAMM Show that you’d like to order or get more information on, please reach out to us via email, Instagram, or Facebook and we will help you out. Some of this new gear is very limited, so we have to place orders this week or we risk never getting it.

Thank you all for the continued support. We are extremely excited to share these special events with you.


The Sims Crew