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Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Guitar

We can’t have Guitar Month without highlighting the accessories that take a guitar from an instrument to a high-functioning, dream-making machine. It can be overwhelming when you bring home your baby (guitar) for the first time and want to get her (it) the best accessories but don’t know where to start, so we have highlighted some of our favorites to get you off on the right foot!


If you’re looking for the perfect strap to make your guitar both functional and oh-so-good looking, look no further than Original Fuzz (pictured above). Original Fuzz makes inspired gear for creative pioneers. Whether that’s a guitar strap made with handwoven Peruvian textiles, or a bag that makes your travels a little lighter, they make products with integrity and a whole lot of style. We’ve got an array of colors and styles in-store, so come try one on for size.


Dunlop’s Primetone Sculpted Plectra (pictured above) will glide off your strings and bring out the true voice and clarity of your instrument. They’re made from Ultex for maximum durability and tonal definition, with hand-burnished sculpted edges for fast, articulate runs and effortless strumming. Available in a variety of shapes and gauges with a low-profile grip or a smooth traditional surface.


A Kyser Quick-Change is expertly engineered and built to last. It is reliable and does just what it is designed to do — clearly raise the pitch of the guitar so you can play in a different key without retuning or changing fingering. Seasoned professionals and beginning players alike appreciate how the Kyser Quick-Change helps them transpose their guitar in seconds, with only one hand. The beauty of the Kyser Quick-Change is in its simplicity, and while often imitated, it’s never equaled.


As you learned last week on Guitar Care 101: Humidity, keeping the humidity right around your guitar is critical for a long, happy life. Every guitar player needs a humidifier, and we recommend D’addario’s Two-Way Humidification System. It automatically maintains the optimal 45-50% relative humidity level within your instrument case, eliminating the guesswork and potential mess related to refilling a humidifier. Unlike refillable humidifiers, this system provides true “two-way” purified humidity control by adding and removing moisture on demand. No more manual adjustments based on seasonal changes, geographic locations, temperature, or other factors.


These make your sound uniquely you. We’re not even leaving town with local pedal company, Caroline Guitar Company. Their Wave Cannon is an unrepentant, unapologetic distortion pedal that is totally nasty and fun. This Cannon is capable of going from cranked, lightly dirty amp tones to the sound of a furry Godzilla devouring a junkyard full of broken a/c window units.

For just one more from our friends at Dunlop, the Carbon Copy Bright Delay has everything that the standard Carbon Copy Delay is revered for, but it’s been tuned for a brighter sound. Where the standard version repeats have a dark, mellow wash, the Bright’s repeats are more defined with a distinct vocal quality. The two sounds are great companions-we saw to it that they play nicely together. Engage the modulation section, and your repeats will sing with shimmery beauty as strummed chords ring out even longer than before.


We love Gator Wall Mount Guitar Stands. They’re clean, simple, and have all the functionality you could ask for.

Did you know?

Sims Music offers a guitar starter kit which includes everything you need to get started on an electric guitar. Our kit includes a Fender Squier, Fender Mustang, guitar case, guitar strap, Strukture cable, Sims t-shirt, and The Sims Advantage guarantee (free setup, lifetime neck adjustments, free pick and polish cloth, and warranty claim assistance) for just $329 (a $499 value)!

Whatever accessories you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered at Sims Music. Come by today, and someone from our team will help you find just what you need!